Barbara Suppa earned her undergraduate degree from Rutgers University with a degree in Psychology, Criminal Justice, and Philosophy.  Then in 2000, Barbara earned her Juris Doctorate from Widener University, School of Law, (Delaware Law School) in Wilmington, Delaware. Prior to obtaining her law degree in 2000, Barbara was an International Flight Attendant for Continental Airlines and attended graduate school for Clinical Psychology.

Ms. Suppa served as an Assistant Prosecutor, at the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, from 2000 to 2022.  Barbara started her career as a law clerk in the Appellate section of the Prosecutor’s Office. Over the course of her legal career, Barbara held positions in the Appellate/Motions Unit, Family Division, Trial Division, and Investigative Units. She also was the Director and Supervisor of five divisions during her legal career. These divisions included: Juvenile, Domestic Violence, White Collar (Special Prosecutions), Appellate/Motions, and Computer Crimes.   

Upon joining the Family Division (Juvenile/Domestic Violence) in 2001, Ms. Suppa handled hundreds of cases ranging from drugs offenses to first degree matters such as Armed Robberies and Aggravated Sexual Assaults.  Prior to her transfer to the Trial Division, Ms. Suppa represented the State of New Jersey at hundreds of trials handling juvenile matters; domestic violence restraining order cases and weapon forfeiture hearings. During her tenure as an Assistant Prosecutor in the Family Division, Ms. Suppa was assigned to oversee all the animal cruelty cases for the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office and worked closely with the Monmouth County SPCA.

Once assigned to the Trial Division, Ms. Suppa handled a variety of criminal matters while proceeding to jury trials on numerous cases. Ms. Suppa successfully proceeded to trial on many cases, such as Murder, Vehicular Homicides, Armed Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Drugs, Domestic Violence, and Theft. While assigned to the Trial Division, Ms. Suppa was also awarded the role of Bias Crime Assistant Prosecutor and received an award for prosecuting cases in this area. Ms. Suppa also taught numerous classes at the Monmouth County Police Academy and was the legal advisor for many municipalities within Monmouth County.

After only four years as an Assistant Prosecutor, Ms. Suppa was promoted to a supervisory position and transferred to an Investigative Unit. In 2005, Ms. Suppa was assigned a supervisory role in the Appellate section of the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office. During that assignment, Ms. Suppa supervised 5 law clerks while writing complex appeals and motions for the prosecutorial staff. Ms. Suppa had the distinct honor to argue a matter before the New Jersey Supreme Court involving statutory interpretation for a first degree Drug Trafficking matter. Ms. Suppa has also argued cases which have been published by the Appellate Division. 

In 2006, Ms. Suppa was transferred to the Economics/Public Corruption Bureau where she handled numerous White Collar cases. She was the first female to ever hold this position. Matters such as Fraud, Ponzi Schemes, Employee Embezzlement, Public Corruption, Misapplication of Entrusted Funds, second degree Thefts, Contractor Fraud, Bad Checks, and Bid Rigging were some of the crimes prosecuted by Ms. Suppa. Ms. Suppa spent many years trying these complex White Collar matters, with some of her trials lasting for several months. In fact, she was one of the first Assistant Prosecutors to proceed to trial on a Public Corruption case. Her experience in the White Collar Bureau instilled a confidence to proceed to trial on any type of charge. Ms. Suppa also had the distinct pleasure to work with other agencies on investigations and prosecutions, such as the FBI, United States Secret Service, United States Attorney’s Office, and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.

In 2010, Ms. Suppa was transferred back to the Appellate/Motions section of the Prosecutor’s Office where she handled many post-conviction relief motions and evidentiary hearings. She also handled many excessive sentencing arguments before the Appellate Division. Ms. Suppa wrote numerous appeals and motions during this assignment, while researching complex and novel legal issues. She also was afforded the opportunity to argue before the Appellate Division where defense attorneys were seeking to overturn convictions. Ms. Suppa’s experience with the Appellate Division honed her research and writing skills.

My legal career has allowed me to handle every type of criminal matter. Whether it be a minor offense, multiple homicide, or a complex embezzlement scheme, I approach each case as if it is going to proceed to trial. From there, I assess the matter for its proof and look at both sides of the argument. The extensive experience I possess allows me to have the insider knowledge on how the State may analyze your case and handle it throughout the criminal process. I feel the most sense of pride and accomplishment when an individual says I am compassionate about the case and took the time to listen.

Ms. Suppa was promoted to the Director of the Family Division in 2015. She held that position for three years. There, Ms. Suppa trained and supervised numerous Assistant Prosecutors and oversaw all Juvenile and Domestic Violence cases, which included restraining order violations and weapon forfeiture hearings. During her tenure, she was a member of the Monmouth County Domestic Violence Task Force, the New Jersey Attorney General’s Law Enforcement and Education Working Group, and the Monmouth County Youth Service Commission. Ms. Suppa was also a critical component in the initiation of the Family Justice Center for victims of Domestic Violence. She taught many lawyers, and law enforcement officers, throughout the County and State, on topics such as Search and Seizure; Juvenile Justice; Domestic Violence; Firearm Forfeiture matters; and the Memorandum of Agreement. Ms. Suppa was also essential with Criminal Justice Reform and how it affected domestic violence matters. She was assigned to a task force, by the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office, to determine what factors to consider when law enforcement was to detain an individual arrested on a domestic violence offense.

As the Director of the Juvenile Unit, Ms. Suppa worked closely with the Family Court regarding the screening of cases. She had the sole discretion to dismiss, divert, or formally prosecute a case. Ms. Suppa was also specially assigned a quadruple homicide case, committed by a juvenile, during her assignment. She has worked closely with mental health experts and school districts in the handling of juvenile matters. In 2008, Ms. Suppa was awarded the Champion of Crime Victims’ Rights by the Mercy Center.

In 2018, Ms. Suppa was transferred back to the White Collar Unit as the Director of the Special Prosecutions Bureau. She supervised all complex White Collar cases and Computer Crime cases for Monmouth County. She also supervised a staff of 14 law enforcement officers and 4 lawyers and provided legal advice to all municipalities within Monmouth County. Matters such as Voter Fraud, Embezzlement, Investment Scams, Public Corruption, Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography were some of the cases supervised by Ms. Suppa. Ms. Suppa oversaw numerous investigations and had to decide whether to proceed with an investigation or submit it for closure. Ms. Suppa always appreciated the impact of an arrest and conviction.

During the course of her 22 years as an Assistant Prosecutor, Ms. Suppa served six Prosecutors until her retirement in 2022. Several of the Prosecutors promoted Ms. Suppa to a variety of positions and entrusted her with many responsibilities and duties. As a former Assistant Prosecutor, with a diverse background, Ms. Suppa understands the legal issues and has the experience to seek a dismissal, negotiate a resolution or protect your rights at trial.  


  • Widener University Delaware Law School - J.D. - 2000
  • Rutgers University, New Brunswick - 1989

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