Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious offense affecting thousands of men, women, and children throughout New Jersey. Domestic violence is rarely a simple issue and if you are facing charges of domestic violence, you must hire a qualified attorney to represent you to protect your rights and enjoy the freedoms you deserve. Barbara Suppa takes pride in the fact that she provides an effective criminal defense based on her many years of handling such complex cases in Family and Criminal Court. As the former Director of the Domestic Violence Unit, she will thoroughly investigate and persuasively negotiate and litigate, to assist you in avoiding conviction and severe punishment.

In New Jersey, Domestic Violence is the occurrence of certain enumerated crimes, upon a person protected under the “Prevention of Domestic Violence Act.” The enumerated crimes include homicide, criminal sexual contact, assault, lewdness, terroristic threats, robbery, stalking, criminal mischief, kidnapping, burglary, criminal restraint, criminal trespass, false imprisonment, contempt, criminal coercion, harassment, sexual assault, and cyber-harassment. It could also include any other crime involving the risk of death or serious bodily injury. Domestic Violence charges can impact the possession of certain weapons, such as firearms, and have serious immigration consequences. 

Attorney Barbara Suppa has been handling Domestic Violence crimes for most of her legal career. She knows what is needed to implement a strong defense and because of her prosecutorial experience, knows what it is needed for a conviction. Due to her comprehensive understanding of New Jersey Criminal Law and how the system works, she will assess if the evidence is weak and how to take that assessment in posturing for a dismissal.

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