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Students have rights in schools. Moreover, every student is entitled to an exemplary education, free of discrimination, abuse and harassment. There are constitutional protections; however, not every word spoken is necessarily protected as free speech. To decipher whether a student’s constitutional rights are violated (i.e.  illegal search; protected free speech), you will need to hire an attorney who specializes in this particular area. 

A parent must also be mindful that there could be collateral consequences should a student be adjudicated a delinquent or charged with a crime. There are also repercussions should your child be the recipient of, or an alleged actor in, a harassment, intimidation and bullying matter (“HIB”) within the school district.  It is important to note that should a student face significant discipline, like a suspension, the student has due process rights. There are rights to informal hearings and appeals should a student face a disciplinary proceeding. 

Attorney Barbara Suppa believes that every student deserves the right to succeed in school while receiving a positive classroom experience. Simply stated, every child has a fundamental right to an appropriate education. If you or your child are facing an educational issue that requires legal representation, you will need a qualified attorney to argue on your behalf. Ms. Suppa has worked extensively with Superintendents, Educators, and Boards of Education throughout Monmouth County and has the experience to handle your child’s case. Ms. Suppa has also taught numerous classes involving the Memorandum of Agreement – the contract between schools and law enforcement – (aka “Memorandum of Understanding” or “MOA”) and has the insight to be a forceful advocate for the student, while ensuring the student’s concerns are properly addressed and their rights are fully protected. 

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