White Collar Criminal Defense

Barbara Suppa fully understands how to represent a client charged with a white collar crime.  As a former prosecutor for over 22 years, she is effective in evaluating, negotiating, and litigating white collar criminal cases. She has handled thousands of white collar criminal matters, including many trials, and brings a wealth of insider information to every case. As a skilled litigator, Ms. Suppa will assure you that your rights and interests are safeguarded during each stage of the legal process.

A white collar crime can include minor and serious offenses. It is typically a non-violent crime where the primary motive is financial in nature or where there is a deliberate misrepresentation of facts/deception to achieve a personal gain. White collar crimes also include a range of crimes committed by a business or governmental professionals. These crimes are rooted in deceit; concealment; violation of trust and do not depend on the application of force or violence. Crimes such as Fraud, Official Misconduct by a Public Official, Money Laundering, Investment Frauds, Bribery, Ponzi Schemes, Theft and Embezzlement are examples of such crimes. Penalties for committing such a crime can vary based on the nature of the offense. One could be facing mandatory jail time; huge fines; or a term of probation. It bears noting that one’s reputation can also be harmed due to the everlasting stigma attached to these offenses.

Barbara Suppa has extensive experience dealing with these specific crimes. Ms. Suppa was the Director of the Special Prosecution Bureau, at the Monmouth County Prosecutor’s Office, where she supervised a large staff of lawyers and detectives handling white collar matters. She has also worked cooperative cases with Federal and State Agencies such as the FBI, United States Secret Service, US Attorney’s Office, and the New Jersey Attorney General’s Office.  Her insight, into these investigations and cases, provides a solid foundation to fully fight these charges on your behalf. She understands and appreciates the lengthy investigations into the “paper trail” crimes and has the fortitude and knowledge to sypher through each detail of the State’s evidence. Should you be charged with a white collar crime or under investigation for such a crime, it is critical that you contact an experienced attorney with result driven motives, such as Barbara Suppa, to immediately implement your defense.

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